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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Acrylic Painting Tips for Beginners

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Here are a few tips to help you with Acrylic Painting as your chosen art medium.

Tip 1: Since acrylic paints dry so fast, use only a little paint by squeezing just enough from the tube.

Tip 2: You can avoid making blotches by always keeping a piece of paper towel next to your water. Get into the habit of wiping your brush after rinsing.

Tip 3: Dilute acrylic paints with more water if you want it transparent. For opaque - use little water or mix it with white.

Tip 4:  Use a thin layer of application for glazing.

Tip 5: Use a thick layer of application to produce a glossy surface.

Tip 6: A synthetic substance that can be bought in art stores can be used to help increase the flow of a color with minimal loss of its strength instead of just using water.

Tip 7: You need to work on quickly with blending the colors because the paint dries fast.

Tip 8: You may use a masking tape to set your margins on all sides. You can also use a masking tape over a dried acrylic paint on the surface without damaging the painted surface. Ensure that the edges of the tape are stuck down firmly to have a clean detail of a certain area you are working on.

Tip 9: To reduce cleaning time, use a cling wrap over a mixing palette for mixing the colors. No need to clean, simply throw the used cling wrap away if you are done and replace it with an another piece of cling wrap for the next colors to mix.

Tip 10:  You can also use a cling wrap to cover a paint mixture and keep it damp while you need to do something important in between your painting session.

Tip 11: Always have a jug of clean water near you. A container of water with soap to clean and remove the paint and another container with water for rinsing. Make sure to wipe the brush clean. If you don't have time to clean the brush right away, soak the used brush with paint in water. Never ever leave your brush uncleaned. The paints will stick to the bristles.

Tip 12: Make it a habit to clean all your brushes after a day's session.

Tip 13: Add an impasto gel if you want to create a texture on your painting without having much to use your acrylic paints. This is like an extender that allows you to cover large surfaces or create a textured depth.

Tip 14: You can use a gel retarder to slow down the drying properties of the acrylic paint. This is really very helpful if you need more time working in the process.

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