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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Shading with Colored Pencils


Pretty much in colored pencil rendering we use the same methods that of with pencil shading. The only difference is that we shade subjects  in rich colors. We have additional technique called burnishing. Layers of colored pencil are applied in strong pressure.  

Title: Bamboo
Medium: Colored Pencils  on Paper
Artist: Yet Diago

You already have the basic knowledge in different methods of shading. You can spend time experimenting these techniques with colored pencils as another medium.. You can blend colors to create different effects. However, the quality of paper is one thing you need to consider as cheap ones cannot hold layers and layers of application. Though colored pencil is a dry medium, it is easy to mix and blend colors that come close to the exact hue and value you want. Rough papers can take many colors to blend. It can also give texture to your drawing and make them look artistic. Use a soft lead colored pencils; when applied in layers they look like paint in appearance. Do not be afraid to try different things with your colored pencil art as this medium is greatly flexible and easy to manage.

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  1. I love this picture. It's so beautiful! Just stopping by for the voiceBoks hop. Have a great day.